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AzaniaAtlanta, GAPhoto Credit: Shannon McCollum 


    Atlanta, GA

    Photo Credit: Shannon McCollum 

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    Edit Button 2.0 has just been released. 

    People really think its this easy!!!

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  3. wfjr reel 2014 from Will F on Vimeo.

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  4. "Heaven Can Wait: The Story Behind the Wall"

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  5. "Heaven Can Wait: The Story Behind the Wall"

    A mini-documentary that explores the meaning and motivation behind the mural after which it is named. The artwork, created by 3 Atlanta-based artists, Craig “Flux” Singleton, Kevin “Mr. Soul” Harp and Goldi Gold was featured at the 2013 Art, Beats & Lyrics event in Atlanta as well as the “Hello Again” event in Atlanta sponsored by Ford/Lincoln. 

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  6. http://buff.ly/15Ehl5J


    Artist: Collin Gibson

    Year: December 2011

    For this video it was less about the concept and more about the challenge. I had worked with Collin previously when I directed a few videos for the group he belonged to called, “Passport.” This time was for a solo project, a previously unreleased song that he leaked. I wanted to do another “run and gun” style video but this time instead of scouting locations ahead of time we would find the locations, film, edit and release the video within a 24-hour period. To add to the challenge, the baby shower for his child was later that evening. We were able to accomplish the goal and I think the opening title sequence is still one of my favorites.

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  7. http://bit.ly/18aPvhL

    "Cheba, Cheba"

    Artist: Adrift Da Belle

    Year: October 6, 2010

    When I stumbled across Adrift Da Belle’s A3C performance of “Can U Feel It” I was blown away. I reached out to her about possibly working on a video for the song but her and her manager at the time (a gentleman I happened to have met earlier in my Atlanta adventures) wanted to do a different song. After a conference call and a few emails back and forth we agreed on the concept and set forth plans to shoot this video. Adrift reached out to the Atlanta Hip-Hop community and a lot of people showed up and participated, some even in costume. 

    This was one of the first music videos I made for an Atlanta-based artist since relocating. It was also my first time meeting a lot of the artists and I was impressed by their committment and willingness to laugh at themselves. The weather on the day of the shoot was what one would typically expect from Atlanta… SWELTERING!!! Im surprised nobody had heat stroke. It eventually rained but it held off until we finished shooting for the day. I have to thank Goldi Gold for his help and patience that day and everyone else who participated. We ended up shooting footage of Adrift’s brother on a green screen the next day to be used at the news anchor in the video. Overall it was a lot of work, especially when it came to editing and trying to fit in all of the cameos, but it was fun and a good experience.

    Later Adrift was selected to participate in some show on BET where a “signed” artist would review your video and give you feedback. So she had Waka Flocka give her feedback on this video which would cause YouTube to ban the video due to copyright claims from BET. Meanwhile the video had been posted way before they aired the clip and they didnt even show the entire thing. Yeah. Im a little bitter so I just have more reason not to like that channel, but it’s still on Vimeo! This video was also the first video I worked on where there was a video release party. Overall it was a great experience and I thank Adrift for working with me before I really established myself in Atlanta.

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