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  2. Kids Safety Day - OneDayInAtlanta from Will F on Vimeo.

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AzaniaAtlanta, GAPhoto Credit: Shannon McCollum 


    Atlanta, GA

    Photo Credit: Shannon McCollum 

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    Edit Button 2.0 has just been released. 

    People really think its this easy!!!

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  6. "Heaven Can Wait: The Story Behind the Wall"

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  7. "Heaven Can Wait: The Story Behind the Wall"

    A mini-documentary that explores the meaning and motivation behind the mural after which it is named. The artwork, created by 3 Atlanta-based artists, Craig “Flux” Singleton, Kevin “Mr. Soul” Harp and Goldi Gold was featured at the 2013 Art, Beats & Lyrics event in Atlanta as well as the “Hello Again” event in Atlanta sponsored by Ford/Lincoln. 

    #art #atlanta #wfjr

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